Administration of public tenders

Not sure how public tenders work? Don’t have time to search for challenging invitations or feel intimidated by the extensive application documentation?

We will be happy to guide you through the tendering procedure step by step. We will take care of finding tenders, conducting their administration and monitoring the submission deadlines. With us, you will find out that you can not only save time, but also invest it more efficiently.


  • we actively look for public tender requests for you
  • you save a lot of time escaping administrative tasks and reading tender documentation
  • we monitor deadlines, you will not fail to hit a target date
  • in the case of more complex contracts, we offer the possibility of legal assistance
  • we offer our experience to you, and your satisfaction is essential to us


  • you discover new business opportunities
  • you publicise your business or even get immediately a new source of income
  • you expand your horizons, explore the market and its current demands, and so you get even closer to your customers

What can you expect from working with us?

We will actively search for tenders according to the required criteria.

Let us know what tenders you are interested in. What products or services do you offer? Is the value of the contract decisive for you? What place of performance is acceptable? The more of your requirements you communicate to us, the better we will be able to estimate the tenders for you and send you the most interesting ones.

We will process the suitable tenders for you in detail and send the complete tender documentation for your evaluation. To simplify the entire procedure, we have created a special form, in which we present a clear review of the important facts about each individual tender. This way, if you know that the tender is not suitable for your business, you can avoid time-consuming overview of the complete tender documentation.

Do you want to participate in the tender?

Very good, we are happy to start reading through the conditions and processing the documents in detail. We will draw your attention to everything important. You can fully dedicate yourself to your daily business and start collecting the required materialswhile we are reviewing the executive parts and other administrative formalities.

What documents do you need to provide?

Since every tender request has its specific conditions and requirements for qualified entry to participation, we will collect all information available about each of the tenders you are interested in well in advance. The following documents are most often required: Price Offer, Business Registration, Affidavits to prove qualification, Product Specification, a signed Draft Agreement, Cover Sheet, and the like. Leave the completion of response forms to us. (Sometimes it can happen that an important form is missing in the tender documentation – naturally, it will be procured by us.) In case of any ambiguity, we will request the contracting authority to specify the conditions so that we can manage the procurement of works in due time.

As soon as we have the documentation complete, we will submit it to you for final approval.

Ways of submitting bids

Tenders are submitted electronically or in paper form. The contracting authority may also require the attachment of an electronic data carrier, delivery of samples, or a down payment. However, these conditions will be made known to you at the very beginning.

Electronic submission

We work with various electronic tools (NEN, Tendermarket, Tenderarena, E-ZAK, Suitable publication, and others). We are ready to further assist you in the registration and submission of the bid. This can be both time-consuming and expensive for the company. With us, the costs will be split among other interested parties, and the workforce spared for more beneficial company activities.

After the application has been submitted, we hope together for success.

The good news is that our support does not end there, we continue to monitor the progression of the tender. Did you win? Great, we will be happy to assist you with the administration. Didn’t you win? Do you feel damaged? We can appeal against the tendering procedure.