Price list


Administration of public tenders

Preparation and completion for signing and sending: 1500 CZK / one-time submission**
Preparation and completion for signing and sending for above-limit orders individual assessment

**applies only to below-limit public tenders and small-scale public contracts


100 entries/month 2300 CZK/month
200 entries/month 3200 CZK/month
300 entries/month 4700 CZK/month
400 entries/month 5900 CZK/month
≥ 400 entries/month 13 CZK/entry

Issuance of travel requests, reimbursement of business travel expenses

domestic 50 CZK/record
abroad 100 CZK/record


Payroll processing, 5 employees 150 CZK/employee
Payroll processing, 50 employees 140 CZK/employee
Payroll processing, 100 employees 130 CZK/employee
Payroll processing, over 100 employees 110 CZK/employee
Representations, business negotiations (especially in case of public tenders) authorized by power of attorney 500 to 1000 CZK/hour dependent on work intensity**

***the price is without additional charges (stamps, fees, and travel expenses)

The listed prices are without VAT and can be further adjusted in both directions.